Structure Connect 2014 brings IoT visionaries to the mainstage this October

Structure Connect, the third and final installment of Gigaom’s 2014 Structure series, comes to San Francisco October 21 and 22 with a comprehensive look at the internet of things.

Who’s who in IoT?

Structure Connect’s program includes speakers that have helped pioneer the concept of the internet of things. That includes individuals such as John MacFarlane (Sonos), Hosain Rahman (Jawbone) and Paul Brody (IBM), as well speakers that have recently begun to revolutionize the IoT from companies like August, Pebble, Indiegogo and Withings. From security to city planning and from the future of wearables to funding, this lineup will discuss the entire spectrum of this market.

Check out our full speaker lineup and two-day conference schedule to find out more.

Speakers and sessions

With over 50 speakers and 33 sessions, the information you’ll hear and attendees you’ll meet are the first and best reasons to attend Gigaom Structure Connect.

From start to finish: a new series

A new aspect of Structure Connect will feature a complete look into how to move the IoT idea into reality with our “How They Built It” series. Seven speakers will reflect on their experiences from prototyping and fundraising to scaling.

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In honor of the area where we tinker and build, we’ve invited 30 innovative and inspiring startup companies to show off their internet of things wares over the two-day conference. Come meet the inventors and see what the future holds.

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