DirecTV CEO confirms launch plans for Spanish-language online video service

DirecTV will launch an online video service targeting a Latino audience before the end of the year, DirecTV CEO Mike White confirmed at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference Friday. White added that the company will make additional information about the service available soon, but likened it to a “speciality magazine,” according to remarks relayed by

White’s confirmation comes a day after Gigaom first reported about the service, which [company]DirecTV[/company] originally intended to launch earlier this summer. Our story was followed by a Reuters report, which added that DirecTV has already struck a licensing agreement with Univision. The service, which is going to be called YaVeo, is DirecTV’s attempt to cater to an audience that is more likely to cut the cord, and get all of its programming online. However, the company wants to avoid compiling a full-blown programming bundle that would rival a traditional cable service, complete with the hefty monthly bill.

This approach is different from what DirecTV’s competitor [company]Dish[/company] is trying to do with its own online video service, which is also supposed to launch before the end of the year. Dish’s service, which is likely going to be called Nutv, is going to offer consumers a bundle of channels, including all of [company]Disney’s[/company] networks. Here’s how quoted White talking about this approach:

I’m not sure that mixing ESPN and ABC Family is a great idea for consumers. It just so happens that’s the deal they got from the Disney Company.

Dish’s more cable-like model is mimicked by [company]Sony[/company], which announced this week that it had secured the rights to carry all 22 [company]Viacom[/company] networks as part of its upcoming cloud-based TV service. DirecTV on the other hand is looking to target price-conscious consumers with niche services, and White said that the company may unveil other standalone services following the launch of YaVeo.