IEEE Standards Association Internet of Things Workshop 2014

From smart cities to smart homes to eHealth to cleaner transportation, successful implementation of IoT brings endless opportunities. The 2nd annual Bay area IEEE Standards Association Internet of Things Workshop will provide an open, engaging platform to discuss opportunities, impacts and challenges around the convergence of technologies known as IoT, with a special focus on the need for more interdisciplinary approaches to the design of products and services for IoT markets. Global IoT experts, leaders and other participants will gather to explore new technologies, IEEE standards, applications and future business models that will enable growth and development of the industry.

Keynote speakers include Kip Compton, Vice-President of Cisco’s IoT Systems and Software Group; Stacey Higginbotham, Senior Writer for GigaOm; and Oleg Logvinov, Director of Market Development at STMicroelectronics and Chair of IEEE P2413, Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things.

For a complete list of topics and speakers visit the IEEE IoT Workshop agenda.