Netflix app pops up in European app stores ahead of official launch

Netflix hasn’t┬áreleased an official date for its impending Euro expansion, but local media and consumers in some of the new markets are reporting that the Netflix app has started to pop up in mobile app stores as well as on smart TV platforms.

The [company]Netflix[/company] app became available on Germany’s Apple app store as well as Google Play store Friday, according to a report from, and a user of the site also noticed it showing up on his Blu-ray player earlier this month. is reporting that the app became available in Belgian app stores as well, and 01net is reporting that the app has shown up in Apple’s French app store.

However, consumers aren’t actually able to use the app, which is instead telling them that Netflix is going to be available in their country “soon.”┬áNetflix has said that it is going to expand to France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg this month, and it is widely believed that the company will officially open up the gates for users in these countries on September 16.