Cloud security in 2014: three surprising trends

Every year Alert Logic interviews thousands of cloud consumers to report on the changing landscape of cloud security. This year’s Cloud Security Report provides a few key insights:

1. The Volume of Attacks is Going Up
From 2012 to 2013 vulnerability scanning attacks jumped from 27 percent to 44 percent for cloud-hosted environments, and from 28 percent to 40 percent for on-premise datacenters.

2. On-Premise and Cloud Attacks Look Increasingly Similar
Attacks on cloud-hosted environments used to look very different from those perpetrated against on-premise datacenters. But this year’s data indicates a shift. As traditional on-premise apps move to the cloud, the traditional on-premise attack methods are following them there.

3. A Few Key Differences Remain
Malware and botnet attacks only impact about 10 percent of cloud environments, while they continue to plague on-premise data centers. More than 50 percent of data centers report that they have been affected by such attacks.

To learn more about cloud security trends and best practices read the article “Five Things to Know About Cloud Security in 2014” by Alert Logic’s Chief Security Evangelist, Stephen Coty.