Google Fiber gets oversight from former Qualcomm execs

Google’s fiber-to-the-home product has a new boss in Dennis Kish, who joined the company as VP of Google Fiber some time this summer (LinkedIn says the move happened in July). On Tuesday the Wall Street Journal reported that Kish┬áis replacing former Google Fiber leader Milo Medin (pictured above), who is still the VP of access services.

As the [company]Google[/company] Fiber project expands and becomes less about spurring the established ISPs to invest in fiber and evangelizing the benefits of faster broadband speeds to municipalities across the U.S., it makes sense to bring in another layer of management and experience. The Journal also noted that Kish will report to Craig Barratt, who is the former CEO of Wi-Fi chip vendor Atheros, which was bought by [company]Qualcomm[/company].

Medin, who has been a proponent of faster broadband since helping found @home, the first cable network, seems more comfortable in the role of broadband prophet with the tech skills to match. But building and running a network requires a level of scale and management that takes a different set of skills and more people. In Kansas City and Austin, Texas, the Google network has dealt with a variety of delays even as it expands its scope to encompass a possible 34 more cities.

Coming up with an initial plan to build and operate one or two fiber-to-the-home networks is one thing, but running and deploying a network in up to 37 cities in almost a dozen metro areas is a completely different skill set. So it makes sense that as Google Fiber grows, so will its management.