Slingboxes get Chromecast support with Slingplayer app update (exclusive video)

Live TV is coming to Chromecast, with a little help from Sling: Sling Media added Chromecast support to its Slingplayer apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones Wednesday, making it possible to cast live TV and DVR recordings to any Chromecast-equipped TV. Users can either cast programming from a local Slingbox or remotely access their Slingbox to cast to any Chromecast adapter within the same network. Support for Android tablets is scheduled to follow soon.

Here’s a quick demo of the feature, which I recently filmed in our office:


Chromecast support is available to anyone who owns a Slingbox 350 or 500 or the newer SlingTV or¬†Slingbox M1 devices — basically, any 2012 or newer Sling device will work. This also means that the feature is only available to Sling users who have cable or some other form of pay TV, since none of the supported devices support over-the-air broadcast TV. Chromecast owners interested in an antenna-based solution may want to take a look at Tablo or instead.