Watch the live stream of our ‘future of AI and deep learning’ event tonight

Gigaom is hosting a meetup tonight in San Francisco about artificial intelligence and deep learning, and while the event itself is sold out I’m happy to announce that we will be streaming the event live. You can watch it, starting at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, here:

We’ll be talking about the current state of the art, where we need to go, and how these technologies will make their way into more and more commercial applications. The lineup of speakers (which is pretty great) is:

  • Oren Etzioni (Allen Institute for AI)
  • Andrew Ng (Baidu, Coursera, Stanford)
  • John Platt (Microsoft Research)
  • Johan Schalkwyk (Google)
  • Jeremy Howard (Enlitic)
  • Adam Gibson (Skymind)
  • Bobby Jaros (Yahoo Labs)
  • Benjamin Recht (UC Berkeley / AMPLab)

If you don’t have hours to spend online tonight, don’t fret. We’ll also be releasing a video of the event in the days to come.