Finally: Red Hat closes deal to buy FeedHenry

Here’s one we’ve been hearing about for awhile but were never able to confirm: Red Hat is buying FeedHenry, a mobile development platform, for about $82 million in cash. FeedHenry is based in Waterford, Ireland.

connected smartphonesThe deal made too much sense not to happen. With [company]Microsoft[/company] Azure and Amazon Web Services fielding their own mobile development toolsets and VMware partnering with Kinvey, there was a bit of a gap in Red Hat’s portfolio. [company]Red Hat[/company], after all, is an enterprise-focused company, and enterprise mobile is all the rage right now. FeedHenry, Kinvey, Parse (now owned by [company]Facebook[/company]) and StackMob (now owned by PayPal) were all in the Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) game. Yes it’s a tortured term, but there you have it.

Per the Red Hat press release:

FeedHenry enables enterprises to accelerate their mobile app development and backend integration via private clouds, public clouds, and on-premises. FeedHenry is an important addition to Red Hat’s JBoss OpenShift strategy, announced in September 2013, providing a platform and services for mobile developers and applications.

I guess we can consider that closed.