SurveyMonkey gains deep customer insights with Splunk

SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest survey company and collects more than 1.5 million online survey responses every day. However, this huge volume of data presented challenges for the company’s business intelligence and site engineering groups. Typical website metrics tools were unable to provide the scope, depth and granularity of information that they required. They needed a more flexible way to drill down into data and associate online customer activity with business results.

They now use Splunk to pull all logs and other system information into their central SQL server data warehouse where it is shared via reports generated using SQL server reporting services (SSRS) and made accessible via SharePoint.

The company uses Splunk to track user activity to determine where visitors come from, such as survey pages, search engines or affiliate links. Seeing the origin of customer conversion across multiple channels allows them to optimize their marketing efforts and maintain customer satisfaction.

SurveyMonkey was able to eliminate three different analysis tools and the separate licensing costs for each with Splunk. In addition to immediate ROI, Splunk also helped to streamline metrics collection and analysis since the data is now accessed from a single solution.

SurveyMonkey also uses Splunk for SEO across their global sites. They look at page view volumes from different countries to estimate traffic spikes and determine where to devote resources to support country-specific domains.

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