Alibaba IPO: Tracking the price

Today Alibaba is taking the NYSE — and America — by storm with the biggest IPO in American history. Check here for the latest details on share price.

1:00 pm pt — Alibaba has closed on the first day of trading with a share price of $93.89 according to Yahoo Finance.

12:57 pm pt — Alibaba is seeing a small surge in the last few minutes of trading. Stock is almost up to $94 per share.

12:49 pm pt — The end of the stock day is creeping ever closer and Alibaba is hovering at $92.99 per share, giving it a market cap of $229.22 billion.

12:10 pm pt — Alibaba shares are at $91.42, making CEO Jack Ma’s chunk worth roughly $17.68 billion.

11:33 am pt — Alibaba has risen almost back to its opening price of $92.70. It’s currently at $92.43 per share.

10:52 am pt — For the last thirty minutes or so, the price has been fluctuating between $91 and $92 a share. It’s currently at $91.96.

10:19 am pt — The stock is holding steady at $90 a share. Financial services firm Cantor Fitzgerald called it this morning before the stock even opened.
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9:39 am pt — Alibaba’s stock is around $90 a share, which is still 32 percent up from its Thursday IPO price of $68, but almost 3 percent down from its opening price of $92.70.

9:04 am pt — Ten minutes since opening, Alibaba’s stock is extremely volatile. Some shares sold north of the $99 mark before plummeting closer to the opening price at $93.

8:56 am pt — The stock has opened trading and the official price is $92.70 a share.

8:37 am pt — The bell still hasn’t been rung. Apparently the thirst for [company] Alibaba [/company] is unquenchable. The NYSE says the price is at $92 – $93.

8:11 am pt — With trading delayed roughly two hours this point, Alibaba’s shares have reached the $89 – $90 price range according to CNBC.

7:31 am pt — Although Alibaba hasn’t rung the bell yet, in the opening auction haggling the price has shifted up once again to $82 – $85 range.

7:09 am pt — It looks like Alibaba will begin trading at a huge $80 – $83 a share, $12 more than its pricing as of Thursday night.