Ubuntu may soon get native Netflix support

Help is on its way for Linux users who want to watch Netflix on their computers without crazy workarounds: Due to Netflix moving away from Microsoft’s Silverlight and towards HTML5, Ubuntu could soon gain the ability to natively play Netflix streams in the browser.

This revelation, which was first reported by Themukt, came out of a discussion between Netflix software engineer Paul Adolph and Ubuntu security engineer Marc Deslauriers. Adolph remarked on the official Ubuntu developer mailing list that Netflix would be able to play videos within a Chrome browser on Ubuntu if a certain set of security libraries was pre-installed. Deslauriers responded that he plans to update Ubuntu with those libraries as early as next week, which could mean that Ubuntu users get access to Netflix soon.

Previously, Linux users had to resort to Wine, a runtime that makes it possible to run some Windows apps on Unix-based operating systems, to get Netflix to work on their computers.