Google Fiber’s Austin network takes shape with an update coming Oct. 15

Looks like Google is getting a bit more chatty about its Austin fiber-to-the-home network plans. Google shared a blog post Tuesday detailing a few of its construction methods and inviting the media to an Oct. 15 event where it promised to share more information on the network’s progress.

[company]Google[/company] said it would build out a network in Austin last year, and that it anticipated offering its service this summer only to see the summer pass by without so much as a fiberhood sign-up period. Now it seems it’s ready to talk, with details about its construction and “an update on progress of the local Google Fiber rollout,” as part of the media briefing.

In the intervening months [company]Grande Communications[/company] and [company]AT&T[/company] have both rolled out gigabit fiber-to-the home networks in limited areas of Austin. Forgive my obsession with Google Fiber, but as I type this my AT&T network refuses to play nicely with any of my video streams or Google apps, and I am eager for another broadband provider. I’m sure others feel the same way.