Karma updates its pay-as-you-go hotspots to work with Sprint’s LTE network

Most wireless hotspots are purchased from a carrier and often come with a contract. Karma is a MVNO service for Wi-Fi hotspots which lets consumers pay for the data they use, which is a preferable arrangement for a lot of people who might need a mobile broadband connection once in a while. Previously there was no Karma hardware that supported LTE, but that is changing as Karma plans to ship a new version of its Wi-Fi hotspot that runs on Sprint’s LTE network.

Karma hardware is also arguably more attractive than run-of-the-mill MiFi or JetPack router. The Karma Go, which is currently available for pre-order for $99, is a small, white puck with only a few buttons and no screen, figuring if users want to check their data usage that that’s best done on a mobile app or the web. The Karma Go hotspot should get nearly nine days of standby time and up to six hours of continuous use.

After purchasing [company]Karma[/company] hardware, data starts at $14 per GB and doesn’t expire, although users can get small amounts of of data for sharing their hotspot with others.

The previous Karma hotspot used the [company]Sprint[/company] Clearwire WiMAX network, which today only covers a third of the country’s population and will eventually be shuttered. That means Karma customers using the Karma Go should see an improved 4G connection and much better coverage. The new device starts shipping in December.