PitPat builds a dog activity tracker for the U.K. that goes one year on a single charge

If you’re a dog owner who missed out on Whistle Labs’ new connected dog tracker because you lived outside of the U.S., then a new company called PitPat may have just the device for you. The Cambridge, U.K.–based startup is developing its own quantified canine tag, and offering it up to pet owners in the U.K. and other countries via Kickstarter.

PitPat shares a lot of the core features of other connected collars and pet tags like Whistle, Tagg, FitBark and Cleo. It uses accelerometers to track a dog’s activity levels and reports that data to a smartphone app (both iOS and Android) over a Bluetooth Low Energy Connection. The PitPat development team, however, has made a few tweaks to the core activity tracker concept to broaden its appeal.

First, it’s amped up the battery power so the device can theoretically go a year on its battery. Whistle’s device needs to be charged every five days while Tagg’s Pet Tracker needs recharging every 4 to 30 days depending on the activity level of your pet. Second, PitPat appears to be making a more inexpensive connected dog tag.

Source: PitPat

Source: PitPat

Like many wearable makers, PitPat is looking to Kickstarter to launch its first device, which it is selling for as little as £20 ($33) to early backers. Of course, that price could go up when — and if — the project graduates from Kickstarter, but it’s likely it will still undercut Whistle’s $130 and Tagg’s $100 price tags. While the Kickstarter campaign is being run out of the U.K. and contributions are in pounds sterling, PitPat will ship the device to other countries for additional fees.

While Gigaom’s Structure:Connect will be short on canine attendees, we’ll definitely explore how the wearable market is evolving beyond the smartwatch into new form factors (not all of which are intended for humans). Our internet of things–focused conference will take in San Francisco October 21–22.