Robots for all. Build your own Modbot

What’s your dream robot? A companion robot to play ping pong? A Hollywood-style robotics camera dolly? A stabilizer for your GoPro and Quadcopter? San Francisco-based startup Modbot aims to make robotics massively accessible so everyone can build their own robot. In a similar fashion to Lego, Modbot uses modular components so inventors can pick and choose the parts they need—a joint here, a link there, to convert their imagined mechanical expression to real-life creation.

“Since my co-founder and I were kids, we’ve been living in this world where authors and creative minds painted an amazing picture of robots helping us to achieve the tasks we want to do every day,” said Daniel Pizzata, Modbot. “We believe the primary reasons it isn’t already happening are that robots are too expensive and complex. They’re locked away in expensive research facilities. But if we can take that technology and hand it to millions of people—millions of minds—then the bandwidth for innovation in robotics can radically increase.”

If coding can become incredibly accessible (as Arduino and Raspberry Pi demonstrate), then why not robots? In this video, check out where the robot revolution is going next, how Autodesk Fusion 360 played a part, and how you can join Modbot’s story.

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