Carrier Wi-Fi specialist Accuris raises $15M, grabs a new CEO

Dublin’s Accuris Networks is having quite the week. It welcomed a new CEO, Jeff Brown, who came over from voice–over–Wi-Fi startup Kineto. It announced plans to open a new Silicon Valley office, out of which the U.S.-based Brown will work. And as a kicker, it filled its coffers with $15 million from a Series B round led by Investec Ventures and China’s Summit Bridge Capital.

As Wi-Fi technology specializing in mobile carrier data and voice services, Accuris is in a bit of a resurgent market these days. While our mobile phones have sported Wi-Fi connections for quite some time, carriers have only recently begun taking advantage of that capability in any organized fashion, deploying their own public access points (and in some cases private home routers) to relieve traffic on their 3G and 4G networks. As Hotspot 2.0 technologies make their way into more networks, that trend will only increase.

What’s more, we’re seeing a renewed interest from carriers in voice–over–Wi-Fi services as they move their traffic off their old 2G systems onto IP networks. Accuris sits right in the middle of those trends, providing the technology that allows those Wi-Fi and cellular networks to interwork. We’re seeing activity from other companies in the space as well. Earlier this month Taqua, another communications convergence player, bought Brown’s old company Kineto, which itself was an early pioneer of voice-over-Wi-Fi technology.

Accuris has now raised $23 million in two rounds. Its other investors include Atlantic Bridge and Enterprise Ireland.