Opbeat launches out of beta to help developers make less buggy code

Opbeat, a startup that helps developers manage their infrastructure with cleaner code, formally launched out of beta Wednesday. With Opbeat, developers who are busy trying to create new companies won’t have to worry about building internal tools to help them deploy and maintain their code correctly, a common problem facing coders in the startup world, claimed Opbeat co-founder and CEO Rasmus Makwarth.

While developers have a lot of help today with tools like GitHub, [company]Docker[/company] and [company]Heroku[/company] helping them code faster and create applications quicker, once the codebase gets deployed to Amazon Web Services or a cloud server, developers are left on their own to make sure the code is still able to function correctly in a live environment, said Makwarth.

In larger organizations, operations staff is typically used to maintain a developer’s code and ensure that nothing breaks; small fledging startups just trying to get a product out the door, however, don’t have that luxury and developers often have to figure out why their code may be breaking once it’s deployed, as well as who on their team is in charge of fixing it.

Opbeat is a cloud-based error-logging service that can scan a developer’s code while also pinpointing who on the development team was responsible for a particular bug. The startup also plans on releasing an iOS app so that developers can receive error notifications on the go.

Opbeat error-tracking interface

Opbeat error-tracking interface

“If you break it, then you fix it,” said Makwarth. “No one is better than fixing errors than the one who built the code.”

Users can install a small software module into their codebase that allows Opbeat to be notified whenever developers push out a new release to GitHub. Opbeat can then pull up that code from GitHub, scan for errors using its code-checking technology and then detail the bugs back to the developers.

Because Opbeat is based on APIs, it can work with whatever web framework a person is using, like Django or Ruby on Rails.

Opbeat iOS feed

Opbeat iOS feed

If an organization has multiple applications that are interwoven so that some apps rely on other apps for certain functions, users should be able to tell if a bug in one app is actually being caused by another app, explained CTO and co-founder Ron Cohen.

So far, the over two-year-old startup — which maintains an office in Copenhagen, Denmark and one in San Francisco — has generated investment from big-time Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Instagram’s co-founder Mike Krieger, Facebook’s co-founder Andrew McCollum and Spotify’s former CTO Andreas Ehn.

“They spent so much time building internal tools [for their own companies], they wanted to help developers spend less time on operations,” said Makwarth in reference to why those particular investors were drawn to Opbeat.

The startup currently has $2.7 million in investment from a seed funding round led by Balderton Capital in July of 2013; it plans on doubling its ten-person staff over the next twelve months, said Makwarth.