Vintage camera shutterbugs will appreciate this light meter app for Google Glass

Here’s a smart use of the camera sensor inside Google Glass: An app that works as a light meter for taking photos.

glass light meter view

Google Glass Light Meter was a labor of love for David Young, who has used similar apps on his smartphone in the past. He notes that most modern cameras have a metering function, but if you’re shooting images with an older camera — black and whites with a Rolleiflex SL66, in his case — you ideally need a standalone light meter to determine the appropriate shutter speed for the current lighting situation. Enter [company]Google[/company] Glass Light Meter, first spotted by Android Police:

To start the glassware, you can use the voice command “Show measurements.” Then, simply use the menu to set your film speed (ISO) and preferred aperture (F-Stop), then the Glassware will give you 3 shutter speeds, including one stop above and below your aperture setting.

If you don’t interact with the Glassware, it will fade away automatically to conserve battery.  When you need it, you can simply wake the Glass by touching the side touchpad or tilt your head up (if you have that feature activated).  While it’s on, just look around the scene and you’ll get a sense of the exposure and what shutter speed you need.

Young’s app is clever since it takes advantage of existing sensor in Glass; the wearable display simply needs the software smarts to make shutter speed recommendations. Glass owners can grab the Light Meter app directly in Glassware or through this link.