A flipless Flipboard finally arrives on Windows Phones (as a placeholder)

Has it really been more than a year since Microsoft and Nokia said Flipboard would arrive on Windows Phone? Yes, it has: During the July 2013 Lumia 1020 launch event, it was said the Flipboard will “soon be available.” I guess “soon” is now becauseĀ FlipboardĀ is out of beta and in the Windows Phone store. Don’t expect to flip through stories though: You’ll be swiping the day away because the flip interface isn’t there, reports The Verge. Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose? And what’s next: Flappy Birds that don’t flap? Anyway, if you’re been waiting for the app, it’s there for the taking…. and the swiping.

Update at 4:26pm: Flipboard tweeted that the app is just a placeholder and that a “more polished version” is coming soon.