Selfie time-lapse videos are now a “thing” thanks to Instagram

Hyperlapse, the time-lapse app from [company]Instagram[/company], received its first update Thursday. You can now shoot a video with the forward-facing camera on your phone. That’s right. It’s the advent of the selfie timelapse, which Instagram is coining a “selfielapse.” I can hear the groans now of selfie haters around the world. Narcissism technology evolves!

I’m excited to see what these selfielapses look like when they start appearing. Some of the videos from the first version of Hyperlapse are informative, beautiful or downright weird. In the hands of the everyman, the power of timelapse is used to tell stories about everyday life. It’s not relegated to just professional videographers capturing a sunrise or wedding photographers shooting the setup of the venue. Now, even the mundane or silly can take on new emotion or intrigue. See high speed ant traffic or this plane landing on a runway. Of course, the less mundane is exciting through Hyperlapse too. The most popular Hyperlapse yet is this one, from a National Geographic photographer.

[protected-iframe id=”d6440af62bdac9a3d0f6ca66fb00915a-14960843-68266570″ info=”//” width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

Inevitably the same real-life-as-time-lapse-art will appear with selfielapses. Perhaps we’ll see comedic routines through facial expression, or the speeding up of a person’s reaction to a horror movie, or someone’s routine putting on makeup. My self-generated ideas aren’t particularly interesting, but I suspect the crowd will — as it usually does — invent creative new ways to use the technology.

Since Hyperlapse launched in late August, it appears to be doing well, better at least than Instagram’s Bolt messaging app. Hyperlapses occasionally appear in my social feeds and I sometimes even see ones created by non-techie friends. App Annie data shows that although the app has declined in the popularity ranks since its initial release, it’s still in the top 50 of its category — photo and video. Not too shabby.

Hyperlapse's popularity ranking since it launched, as measured via downloads by App Annie

Hyperlapse’s popularity ranking since it launched, as measured via downloads by App Annie