Twitter CEO Dick Costolo calls out the President of Iran; on Twitter, of course

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo dropped the burn heard around the world on Thursday. After Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sent a series of tweets about the significance of negotiating a nuclear agreement with “the West,” Costolo replied chastising him for censoring his people from the platform he was using to communicate his thoughts.

This isn’t the first time that President Rouhani has been challenged by a key Twitter figure. Last September, co-founder Jack Dorsey did the same thing after Rouhani and President Obama tweeted at each other following their historic phone conversation, the first contact between an Iranian and American president since the 1970s. The activity prompted Dorsey to ask Rouhani whether Iranian citizens could access Twitter.

Around that time, Costolo tweeted his excitement in watching the interactions between the Presidents unfold.

Almost a year later, Iran has still blocked access to Twitter and Costolo appears less enamored that Rouhani can use it while his people can’t.