Why the cloud is IT’s best friend

Cloud computing is an essential tool for IT. Once perceived as a potential threat to the IT department, forward-thinking IT leaders recognize the cloud’s potential to better serve the business.

Cloud qualities such as rapid provisioning, elastic capacity, and extensive automation mean IT departments can deploy new services quickly, and get out of the business of babysitting infrastructure to focus instead on high-value initiatives.

The Cloud Connect Summit at Interop New York presents two days of compelling presentations from executives who have embraced cloud computing, including Warner Music and PayPal. These executives will share their real-world experiences with cloud computing, including the top 5 mistakes companies make with cloud adoption, and how to balance cloud agility with security.

The Summit also brings together renowned cloud experts to help IT leaders chart a strategic course for cloud success. These experts will explore the newest developments in cloud, including open source clouds, DevOps, OpenStack, and containers.

They’ll also drill into both operational impacts of cloud, such as how to break down organizational silos that hamper deployment, and financial implications, to ensure that cloud costs don’t get out of hand.

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Andrew Conry-Murray is Director of Content and Community for Interop and formerly editor of Network Computing. To see more of Andrew’s work, visit: http://www.informationweek.com/interop