Amazon cuts the benefits again in Amazon Mom, its Prime program for parents

If you have a kid in diapers and are an Amazon Prime member, joining Amazon Mom is pretty much a no-brainer because it gives you 20 percent off on diaper subscriptions. However, since the program launched in 2010 it has undergone some changes that make it less of a bargain. Another cutback happened over the weekend when Amazon announced more changes to the bulk buying program.

After November 11, 2014, [company]Amazon[/company] Mom members will no longer receive a 20 percent “Subscribe & Save” discount when they get five or more subscription items in the same month. Instead, they’ll get the standard 15 percent discount that the normals get. The company is also cutting back the discount on baby wipes from 20 percent to 5 percent.

To soften the blow, though, the company is throwing in “a $30 credit to be used towards existing or new Subscribe & Save subscriptions.”

On the one hand, oh boo-hoo. On the other hand, it’s always interesting to take note when Amazon removes perks because the company usually tends to get credit for introducing them. The Amazon Mom program has become much less generous than it was when it was introduced in 2010 — back then, you got a 30 percent discount on diapers and wipes,” a 30 percent discount on “Subscribe & Save” items and the ability to earn free months of Prime for buying baby stuff. Cuts were made in 2012 and here they are again.

Yeah, it’s diapers. But this — combined with the Amazon Prime price hike earlier this year, and the actually-not-such-a-great-deal Prime Pantry, and the subscription discount competition from companies like Target and the Amazon-owned, and the expansion of same-day delivery programs like Instacart and Google Shopping Express — might serve as the inspiration to do a little comparison shopping.