Users report vastly improved Moto 360 battery life after latest update

If reports of poor battery life have held you back from buying the Moto 360, you might want to check out this Reddit thread found by Android Police.

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A number of people who own Motorola’s smartwatch are reporting a noticeable boost in how long the watch lasts on a single charge. The run time will surely vary based on how each user has their Moto 360 configured — how many apps can send notifications, for example — but the general trend of comments is that battery life is much better than it was out of the box.

[company]Motorola[/company] pushed a software update last week that may be responsible for the change, although the release notes don’t mention battery life improvements. Regardless, the longer run time seems to be there based on comments such as this sampling:

  • I took it off the charger at 10am today. Used it all day, 2 hours running navigation plus music controls in the car, checking emails and texts a few times an hour, responding to 15 or more texts from the watch, used QR codes on the watch to get into a party. It’s now almost 3am the next day and I’m at 41% battery!
  • 12 hours of use and at 72%
  • I am using the Moto360 with always on and now my watch outlasts my Nexus 5 battery. I’m easily getting 15 hrs out and active and get back home with 20% battery left.
  • Yesterday I used ambient light from 8am – 1am and had 21% left when I went to bed
  • With the new update, my watch has been off the charger for 30 hours and I still have 53% left. This is nuts.

Ironically, I passed on Motorola’s first smartwatch back in 2011 because reported battery life was poor. One software update later, the issue was resolved, I bought it in 2012 and it became one of my most-used devices. Seems like the second time’s a charm for the Moto 360 as well.

Note too that the Apple Watch may be a charge every day type of device. At the launch event, Tim Cook said the magsafe charger will make it easy to charge the watch each night. Although these small screens don’t use much power, there’s a limited amount of space allowed for batteries, making for a touch challenge. I’ll be curious to see if and how [company]Apple[/company] can tweak the software for its watch to maximize battery life.