Deezer launches in the U.S., again, this time partnering with Bose

Groundhog Day, meet Deezer: The paris-based Spotify competitor announced the launch of its paid streaming service in the U.S. Thursday via an exclusive partnership with Bose that will integrate the service with the company’s connected speakers, and also offer Bose owners a discounted subscription rate.

You’re not alone if this sounds a bit familiar to you: Just three weeks ago, [company]Deezer[/company] announced its first foray into the U.S. with an exclusive partnership with Sonos. But the [company]Sonos[/company] partnership was all about high-definition audio, which Deezer is streaming to Sonos owners for $15 a month for a month-to-month plan. The [company]Bose[/company] partnership on the other hand is more about price-conscious mainstream consumers who don’t need their music as high-resolution FLAC files. “It’s the first mass-market launch in the U.S.,” said Tyler Goldman, CEO of Deezer North America during an interview Wednesday.

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Goldman said that Bose and Deezer are still targeting what he called audio enthusiasts, meaning people who are willing to throw down some money to update their home stereo and make it connected. A lot of these consumers are however not using music subscription services yet, and often don’t actually make the jump because sign-ups and linking devices can be challenging, argued Goldman.

That’s why Deezer is preinstalled on new Bose SoundTouch connected speakers. Deezer even automatically generates a new account for every new SoundTouch owner, allowing consumers to dive right in and listen for an entire month before they’re reminded to enter their credit card information. At that time, they are being charged $5 a month if they commit to a year of service. For that money, consumers will not only get to listen to Deezer on their Bose speakers, but also through the Deezer mobile apps and website.

Consumers who don’t have a Bose speaker won’t be able to sign up for the service — at least not yet. The Bose partnership comes with an exclusivity window which Goldman declined to elaborate on. So why is Deezer striking these exclusive alliances with speaker manufacturers, as opposed to just open up the gates for everyone? Goldman argued that the one-size-fits-all approach of other music subscription services doesn’t actually serve the diverse interests of music fans, and said that Deezer will launch similar partnerships with other companies, including audio equipment manufacturers and others.

Eventually, Deezer will be available with varying tiers for everyone, he said. That may also include ad-supported streaming, like it is available in some of Deezer’s other markets, but the end goal is for music fans to open their wallets, said Goldman: “Our primary focus is on building a great paid service.”