Elon Musk: Tesla will unveil “the D” & “something else” on Oct 9

As Tesla has morphed into an electric car tour de force over the years, Elon Musk has started taking to Twitter to promote upcoming launches, debate critics and drop teasers to press and stock watchers that inevitably eat them up. On Wednesday night, Musk did it again, tweeting:

It appears that Tesla might be launching a third car based on the Model S body, perhaps called the Model D. Tesla spent years carefully designing the Model S, which has the battery pack low and flat on the bottom of the car, and then designed the Model X (the cross over SUV/minivan) body based on the Model S core. The peek at the car’s face in the Twitter pic looks very similar to the Model S, which could mean there’s a Model D coming that uses the Model S platform.

Tesla has been planning to launch the Model 3 starting in 2017. That car will have an entirely new platform than the Model S and it will be lighter and smaller than the S. If Tesla is now launching more cars on the current Model S platform that could indicate that the Model 3 platform might take longer to develop than previously thought. Or it could just mean that Tesla is trying to get more life out of the Model S platform more before it introduces the Model 3. Either way, we’ll be standing by on October 9th to see what’s up.

Tesla’s shares rose in morning trading on “the D” tweet. This is why Tesla short-sellers criticize Musk and call him a stock manipulator, but hey, what company that’s good at marketing and promotion doesn’t do stuff like this?

And I have no clue what the “something else” portion of the tweet means. If anyone has any idea, add it into the comments.