Here’s an early look at Samsung’s software on Android L for the Galaxy S5

Google’s Android L software will surely be pre-installed on the next Nexus phone. Recent phones will get the software too at some later point. And the companies that make those phones are already customizing the software with their own apps and interface.

Samsung is one of those and SamMobile got an early build of the company’s Android L build for the Galaxy S5. Take a look at this video that shows off what Samsung’s apps and TouchWiz interface currently¬†look like:


Both TouchWiz and Samsung’s own Android apps look to be rebuilt with the new Material Design guidelines that Google introduced for Android at its I/O developer event this past June. This allows developers to create software that have three unique axis points, adding 3D-like depth to length and width in apps. You can see this in the task manager that displays open apps and websites similar to a stack of cards.

It’s likely this is still an early build but you can get a good idea of what the Galaxy S5 will look like once Samsung pushes¬†the Android L update for the handset. Of course that won’t happen until [company]Google[/company] itself releases the software; something that could happen this month along with a new Nexus phone to spotlight the software.