You don’t need a new car for Apple’s CarPlay; Pioneer can give you a lift

Apple introduced CarPlay back in March, but consumers had to wait for vehicles that integrated with their iPhones. Pioneer tried to shorten the drive by introducing five aftermarket in-dash consoles, but the hardware was ready before the software. Now those units have a firmware upgrade that finally adds CarPlay support.

Originally, Pioneer promised the software by “early summer of 2014” and it’s now early fall. The delay is a disappointment for those who bought the [company]Apple[/company] CarPlay-compatible NEX consoles, which range in price from $700 to $1,400. Better late than never, though. For those who have an NEX console needing the upgrade, it can be downloaded here from Pioneer to a USB drive.


Once updated, the Pioneer consoles — working in conjunction with an iPhone 5 or later model handset — will show apps right on the in-dash display for communications and entertainment. The system will also work with Siri for voice commands to play or control music, make calls, send messages or access Apple Maps for navigation.