Can CultureIQ help companies manage culture?

I am a real believer in building in feedback into business, where management — and potentially all participants, depending on the degree of enlightenment of the senior team — can learn what the temper of the business is, and what needs to be paid attention.

As a result, I am always on the lookout for new approaches to what we might think of as culture monitoring tools, and in the largest context — when you include the notion of taking action to intentionally respond to what the measures suggest — to organizational culture management.

I had a chance to get a demo and briefing from the CEO of CultureIQ this week, Greg Besner. And what I saw I like.

The premise for CultureIQ is straightforward: companies should be polling¬†their workers on a regular basis — annually or quarterly to discern what’s happening in various critical areas, like innovation, agility, environment, and others. This is the CultureIQ ‘full survey’, shown below. The CultureIQ is the aggregate of all metrics, and falls between 0 and 100.

Full Survey Dashboard

The questions in the survey have been designed to cover the full range of critical factors in business culture, according to Besner, an NYU professor. Note that users can add comments to the answers which in many cases are considered the best source of insight for management. Also Note that the solution is fully anonymized, so workers can speak openly.

The result of the full survey is a set of metrics in 9 areas.

Analytics Dashboard

On a more frequent schedule, the company can ask single, focused follow up questions, to take the pulse of the company between full surveys. These are called Pulse surveys.

CultureIQ surveys can be taken on mobile devices.

Full Survey Mobile (iPhone)



Besner’s solution also integrates with specific initiatives, such as mentoring, wellness, idea sourcing, and others. These are intended to shape the discussion and impact of company initiatives and their impact on worker engagement and job satisfaction.

I’m impressed with the design and philosophy of CultureIQ, and I intend to include the solution in a report later this year on Culture Management, where I will look more deeply into this product and others like tinyPULSE and 15five.