Upcoming Gigaom event: How smart is your city?

A smart city includes everything from quantifying traffic patterns, and metro counters to water levels, weather preparedness, power grids, and energy usage. If we were to build a city from scratch today – what would it look like? Would it be connected and run on a plethora of millisecond data to adjust to the needs of its inhabitants? What can social media tell us about emergency response times and demand on resources?

At Structure Connect we sit down with three big-idea speakers on how IoT can be applied on a grand scale to make our cities smarter, more efficient, and meet the growing demands of increasing populations.

Meet three big thinkers: Charlie Catlett, Senior Computer Scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory; Maciej Kranz, VP of Corporate Technology Group at Cisco; and Vijay Sammeta, CIO at the City of San Jose.

They come from the background of in-depth analytical research to embed technology into our infrastructure, global research identifying opportunities (and threats) to the “Internet of Everything,” and a unique look at San Jose, the hub of Silicon Valley with an $18 million dollar budget and a visionary at it’s helm.

This will be a talk you won’t want to miss – it involves the future of your world and the future your kids will be living in. Catch it on stage at Structure Connect on October 21-22nd in San Francisco.

Register by October 10 and save $100.