Unleash the power of cloud networks

Social and search are driving new architectures for multi-server and multi-data center infrastructure, a trend that has been led by the internet content providers, but is also being adopted by the enterprise in the form of public and hybrid clouds. This requires the underlying transport network to be massively scalable, simple and quick to provision, and very efficient in power and space.

At Infinera, we are deeply engaged with operators to unleash the power of the cloud, with highly differentiated transport solutions such as the new Infinera Cloud Xpress. This is the industry’s first super-channel transport platform purpose-built for metro data center interconnects.

The Cloud Xpress handles massive traffic flows between metro data centers with remarkably less power and space than our leading competitors. It handles a terabit of I/O capacity in only three and a half inches of rack space, and uses less power than the low setting on a hair dryer. It is very simple to provision; in fact, there are just three easy steps that can be completed in a few minutes.

Watch below as Infinera Senior Vice President of Cloud Network Strategy and Technology Stu Elby discusses the massive growth of cloud, and how Infinera is augmenting transport networks today with the Cloud Xpress for an increasingly data center and software driven world.


To learn more about Cloud Xpress, visit www.infinera.com/go/cloud.