Now every Chromebook can transfer files to and from an Android device over USB

Thanks to a software update Google starting rolling out on Tuesday, all Chromebooks can now transfer files to Android devices. The latest Stable channel update of Chrome OS includes the function, which was launched in a beta version early last month.

[company]Google[/company] said the new Stable update is for Chromebooks only; those with Chromeboxes will have to wait for a similar update. Once the software is installed, support for MTP will be enabled. MTP is the file transfer protocol used to move files between Android devices and computers. With the new Chrome OS version, the files of an Android phone or tablet will appear in the Files app of Chrome OS — similar to other removable storage — ready to be accessed or moved.

While its pretty simple to move files between devices by using cloud storage, email or some similar method, using a USB cable is typically faster and easier. And it doesn’t use any mobile broadband which could be limited depending on your service plan. Of course you need to carry a USB cable with you to use the new function. If you don’t have one handy, you could always resort to my 2012 Android app of the year, AirDroid, for file transfers.

Google also noted that the updated Stable Channel includes “a set of features to enhance touch screen accessibility” although it hasn’t detailed what those are. Even if you don’t have a touchscreen Chrome OS device, the update is still worth downloading due to the MTP support, security updates and bug fixes.