Cost transparency: the secret weapon of the modern CIO

TBM, a methodology for IT leaders to manage technology, is changing the way CIOs operate today’s business landscape. The world of IT is transforming rapidly, and companies need a strategy for managing the business of IT.

CIOs face problems because of a lack of insight on daily costs, they are told to cut costs but continue delivering more technology to meet the business needs. This is near impossible without a clear understanding of technology spend.

Top three benefits of TBM include:

  •   Less Debate & Less Resistance: Replacing assumption with fact breeds shared understanding and clarity into IT spend
  •   Initiatives are Kept on Track: When budget and spend are transparent, CIOs and IT leaders can ensure goals are aligned across the business
  •   Information is Power: TBM shows pockets of spend previously unknown, prompting change that can positively impact the IT department and organization

COX Enterprises, a TBM Awards Finalist, utilizes TBM to aide business and IT alignment, as well as strengthen partnerships. TBM is a new way of thinking about how IT would conduct itself internally. COX relies on TBM to champion the way IT provides services to its customers, while also providing transparency.

Exposing cost insight allows CIOs to drive a dialogue about cost, quality, consumption, and value between IT and finance departments, and business units using language everyone can understand.

Learn best practices on maximizing cost transparency at TBM Conference 2014, the only conference focused on managing the business of IT coming to Florida October 28-30, 2014.