Azuqua rakes in $5 million to help companies link together their cloud services

Azuqua, a startup that can hook together a company’s many different cloud services, has landed a $5 million Series A investment round from Ignition Venture Partners. Ignition Venture Partners managing partner John Connors will become a member of Azuqua’s board as part of the deal.

As more companies use software-as-a-service products in the cloud to tackle everything from managing sales leads to gathering data from social networks, it can be challenging for companies to keep track of all that different information, let alone analyze all of it as one single entity.

Azuqua attempts to solve this problem by linking together various cloud applications so that each application can take advantage of accessing another’s potentially relevant data.

For example, customers can set up Azuqua to tether their [company][/company] accounts to [company]Twitter[/company] so that each time one of their users tweets something bad about the company, gets a ping and a customer service manager can take action.

Azuqua interface

Azuqua interface

Earlier this year, Barb Darrow got a chance to speak to Azuqua’s founder and CEO Nikhil Hasija, who discussed how Azuqua makes it easier for users to keep tabs on their customers through an automated process as opposed to having someone on staff having to do that manually.

“That’s just connecting the fire hose from one end to another. We uniquely let them add logic in the middle,” said Hasija.

Hasija was previously a senior product manager at [company]Microsoft[/company]. Azuqua’s CTO Craig Unger spent several years in leadership positions at Microsoft as well.

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