Getting a head start on IoT at Structure Connect

The internet of things is a tricky field to navigate. Not 10 years ago, the concept of a connected home – much less, controlling it from the palm of your hand – was reserved for movie sets. Today the promise is very real and we’re on the cusp of significant adoption of IoT across enterprise and consumer markets.  In two weeks at Structure Connect, Gigaom will dig into the paths to success in this exciting market by talking to the people in the field pushing IoT ahead.

From entrepreneurs working to connect real world objects to our devices to policy makers dealing with the implications, we’ve gathered some of the leading experts for a series of lively discussions on October 21 & 22. There’s really no better opportunity to get a real world view of how the IoT is going to develop.

Some highlights:

  • We’ll sit down with Richard Cornish (Head IoT from Xchanging), Jay Stanley (Senior Policy Analyst from ACLU) and Nicole Wong (Former US Deputy CTO from The White House) to talk about how IoT will change the security landscape from a national perspective to your home.
  • We have seven IoT hardware startups that have gone from startup to success. In our “How We Built it Series” they’ll discuss what they’ve learned growing their businesses in this evolving market.
  • As media has changed so too has the way we consume it. Google, Sonos and Pandora are three companies re-imagining the way we incorporate media into our everyday lives. We’ll also be discussing how social data is being used to shape the future of IoT with Facebook and Indiegogo.
  • There’s no reason to stop in the home — why not reimagine the way we operate and build cities? The City of San Jose, the Argonne National Laboratory, Cisco and Ford will be at Structure Connect to discuss their visions for our futurescapes.
  • The conference will feature two Gigaom Research mapping sessions with some of our top Analysts discussing market shaping trends in two key parts of the IoT: Security with Rich Morrow and Lee Doyle and Quantified Self platforms with Jody Ranck and Laurie Lamberth.

It’s going to be a great couple of days in San Francisco. I hope you can join the conversation — and don’t forget: Gigaom Research subscribers get 25% off.