It wasn’t a very good Wednesday afternoon for several of Google’s cloud services

Google experienced a series of hiccups Wednesday to its cloud storage, Gmail, hangouts and analytics services that caused a number of users to voice their frustration across social networks.

The search giant confirmed via its Apps Status Dashboard that at 3:00 PM PST, Google Analytics went down and impacted “a majority of users” who were unable to use the service. By 3:21 PM PST, Google updated the dashboard and stated that the problem was fixed.

Regarding Google’s cloud storage, Google Developer Advocate Brian Dorsey confirmed there was a problem on Twitter and pointed users to Google’s Cloud Storage Forum where the company will be posting more details.

So far, the only information known is that as of 1:30 PM PST, some sort of issue with its cloud storage service caused users to suffer “elevated errors and latency” and the company is working on resolving the problem. Google said the problem was fixed at 3:55 PM PST and it will provide further details as it learns more on what happened.

And as far as Gmail, the company detailed on its Apps Status Dashboard that it’s looking into potential issues with that service as well. Our internal Gigaom Gmail accounts seem fine, and it’s not clear how widespread the Gmail issues are at this point. And for those folks who use Postini, that service took a hit as well.

I’ve reached out to Google and will update this post when I hear back.

This post was updated at 4:21 PM PST with additional information from Google’s Cloud Storage Forum