Sony’s stylish Z3 smartphone gets a Verizon version in the US, but where’s the Compact?

We knew Sony’s waterproof Z3 smartphones were coming to T-Mobile in the United States, but it turns out Verizon will also carry a Z3 device as well. The carrier announced on Thursday that it would sell the Sony Z3v, a modified version of the Z3 with a slightly bigger battery which will cost $200 on contract. There’s also a deal available when someone buys both a Sony tablet and the Z3v from Verizon.

Like the Z3 in other countries, it’s a 5.2-inch smartphone with a 1080p screen running a [company]Qualcomm[/company] Snapdragon processor. It will have a long battery life as well as Sony’s high quality onboard cameras. Like most of Sony’s recent phones, it’s also going to be waterproof. Sony’s heavily pushing its PS4 integration, which is a very compelling Sony-specific feature for gamers.

The body of the Z3v is slightly altered from the international Z3. It’s more rounded off, and is reminiscent of the Sony Z2. The battery gets a slight bump, but the biggest improvement is the addition of wireless charging on the Qi standard.

Fans of hand-sized phones will be disappointed to hear the Z3 Compact, which packs the same specs as the Z3 but with a smaller screen, was not part of the announcement. Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, there really aren’t many high-end phones under 5-inches coming out this fall, which would have made a U.S.-bound Z3 Compact stand out among the competition.

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