This device lets you charge your phone just by walking around or working out

Yesterday I noted a portable battery charger that needs only 5 minutes to get enough juice for a full iPhone 5 charge and today I found one that’s a polar opposite: It takes almost all day just to top off this battery, which only provides another 3 hours of run-time for a phone. There’s one more big difference,  though. This device, dubbed the Ampy, doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall charger at all. Instead, it uses your own kinetic energy.

ampy in use

You carry or wear the small battery pack throughout the day. Take around 10,000 steps and you’ll fill up the battery inside the Ampy, which can then be used to recharge a phone over USB. If you run or cycle, just a 30 to 60 minute workout will do the same. Phones aren’t the only devices that can benefit from Ampy. The battery can recharge a smartwatch to run for another day or a fitness tracker for an additional three days.

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Inside Ampy is a small battery, a circuit board and proprietary inductors that turn your motion into storable energy. Ampy is small enough to put in a pocket or you can wear it with an optional armband, sleeve or clip. And if you’re not moving around but want to keep Amy charged, you could plug it into a wall outlet.

Like yesterday’s portable power find, Ampy is seeking funds on Kickstarter. The project started today and is seeking to raise $100,000. You can back it and get an Ampy for as little as $75 now, a discount from the expected $95 price when Ampy arrives in January. I think the price is a little steep, but as a runner, I think I might contribute and help Ampy reach its goal. Heck, just knowing I have one in my pocket could get me to move around a little more, which is an added benefit.