Upcoming Gigaom event: Where will you buy your IoT devices?

You’ve heard about the innovative home devices that allow you to control temperature, music and even appliances from the palm of your hand. Odds are you already own an IoT device, and whether intended or not, your home is becoming “smarter” and more connected to the cloud.

While our homes are getting more technologically advanced, the places we shop for home improvements remains the same: our trusted local home retailers and box stores. Today, consumers can buy Nest thermostats from Home Depot, and in the not-too-distant future IoT products like Dropcam and Hue light bulbs will likely be sold at Lowe’s and Staples.

The connected home is a massive new market opportunity for retail stores like these and big companies like GE and Google are relying on them to be the conduit to getting IoT technology into consumers hands.

At Structure Connect, we’ll be asking technology buyers what’s next for “selling the smart home.” We are sitting down with Kevin Meagher, VP & GM Smart Homes at Lowes; Peter Gerstberger, Director, New Business Development at Staples; and Joanne Domeniconi, Co-Founder and Chief Discovery Officer at The Grommet, to discuss what it will take to let the IoT into our homes and what barriers to entry major retailers and IoT makers face in the next 2-3 years.

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