Announcing Evan Williams to speak at Roadmap 2014

If you’ve read articles on Medium, then you’ve likely noticed the site’s ultra simple, and carefully crafted design — a variety of articles have been written about it, and writers that have joined Medium cite the layout as one reason for signing on. If you come to Gigaom’s experience design conference Roadmap (on November 18th and 19th in San Francisco), then you’ll get a chance to hear Medium’s design story first hand from Medium CEO Evan Williams.

Evan Williams, CEO of Medium, image courtesy of Medium

Evan Williams, CEO of Medium, image courtesy of Medium

Williams spoke at Roadmap back in 2012, and we’re excited to bring him back in conversation with Om Malik. Williams is a master of creating media platforms, first with Blogger (sold to Google), then with Twitter (where he was CEO for two years), and now with Medium.

Medium’s strategy to focus so much on its design highlights how important design has become, not just for new media platforms and storytelling, but also for the next-generation of web sites, apps and even connected devices. The value of technology products has started to shift to the user experience now that connected infrastructure has become ubiquitous and inexpensive.

At Roadmap you’ll hear from other creative minds that are crafting tomorrow’s experiences including Nest CEO Tony Fadell, Kleiner Perkins’ Design Partner John Maeda, Google’s VP of Design, Android, Matias Duarte, designer Elle Luna, Production Designer KK Barrett (designed the look and feel of the movie Her), Adobe’s VP of Product Jeff Veen, fuseproject founder Yves Behar, designer Craig Mod, as well as designers from Facebook, Uber, Pinterest, HERE, argodesign, frog, IDEO, Twitter, Storehouse, Ford,, Samsung, Microsoft, and more.

Make sure to get your ticket to Roadmap soon, as they’re going fast.