With $10M, 2nd Watch wants to help companies move to the cloud

2nd Watch, a startup that helps companies move to and operate on Amazon Web Services (AWS), plans to announce Tuesday that it took in a $10 million in a series C investment round, bringing the company’s total funding to over $37 million. The company is also announcing that former Melbourne IT executive Doug Schneider is now CEO.

Although the common Joe might think that moving to the cloud is an easy process, one look at AWS’s pricing matrix might turn his world upside down. Simply put, if you don’t have some sort of experience in moving infrastructure to the cloud, the details involved in knowing what costs what and which services you should pick might be overwhelming.

2nd Watch aims to do a company’s busy work when it comes to moving legacy infrastructure over to AWS, explained Schneider. The startup discusses with its clients what types of workloads they want moved over to AWS, and uses that information to determine the right type of storage and security features a client needs, he said.

With 2nd Watch’s software, Schneider said his team can help streamline a company’s IT by helping them map application workloads to their appropriate department, like marketing or business; something a lot of companies don’t consider when moving to the cloud. After migrating the infrastructure through its software, 2nd Watch also double duties as IT management consultants who can help manage the new cloud workloads, he said.

“We are not the guys who make the cloud, we just make it better for business,” said Schneider.

2nd Watch CEO Doug Schneider

2nd Watch CEO Doug Schneider

In August, my colleague Barb Darrow wrote that 2nd Watch would make a good fit for Amazon if the cloud giant decides it needs to buy a cloud IT and consulting startup to beef up on enterprise services. Considering 2nd Watch is an AWS 2014 Premier Consulting Partner, that move seems to make a lot of sense should Amazon want to bulk up on its cloud-features arsenal.

The Washington-based startup counts Lenovo, Kent State University and CypherWorx among its customers.

Top Tier Capital Partners drove the funding round along with previous investors Madrona Venture Group and Columbia Capital.

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