Google for Work now has better customer service

Google said Tuesday that it’s giving Google for Work (formerly known as Google Enterprise) subscribers better customer service in the event that something goes wrong with their cloud services, as it did last week.

First on the list is the ability for English-speaking Google Apps administrators to interact with Google support staff via chat. The search giant plans to roll out support for more languages over the next couple of months.

If chatting’s not your cup of tea, Google’s also putting a support phone number in each of its Google Apps products. This should be helpful the next time Gmail goes down and you want to voice your frustration to a live human. You should be able to find a phone number in the “Help” section of an application’s Admin Console.

Google also reiterated the fact that as of summer, Google Hangouts falls under the same terms of service as other Google Apps, which means that the company promises 99 percent up time and phone support.

Google’s Technical Support Service Guidelines have been updated to include recent service-related announcements like all-day phone support, multiple language accommodation and moderated help forums.

It’s interesting to see this emphasis on customer support coming a week after several of Google’s Apps services took a hit, leading users to complain on social media. Google’s cloud storage, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Analytics and Postini Services went offline.

The company posted on its forums that two separate fiber cuts plus maintenance on a third fiber connection “resulted in packet loss on the remaining links due to saturation.” Google said that engineers contacted the fiber provider and then rerouted the clogged networking traffic and were able to bring the services back online.