Apple accidentally reveals iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 in iOS 8 user guide

Apple is holding an event on Thursday, where it’s expected to launch new iPads, among other goodies. But the cat may be out of the bag a day early, thanks to an iOS 8 iPad user guide that popped up on iBooks and was spotted by Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac.


The screenshot available on the iTunes preview page clearly outlines two new devices: an iPad Mini 3 and an iPad Air . That indicates that [company]Apple[/company] will go back to numerical designations for iPad models after dropping them in early 2012. It appears that both new iPads will have Touch ID, as expected. Gurman also has another screenshot that tips a burst mode for the iPad Air 2 camera.

I downloaded the user guide and browsed through, but there don’t appear to be any new iPad details in the guide itself, which indicates Apple may have caught its mistake.

The remaining question is when this guide was first posted. The timestamp on the iTunes page indicates it was “published” on September 17, the day that iOS 8 was first released. Apple famously doesn’t include user manuals with its products, figuring that you can use your new Apple computer to download one online. Few people actually end up actually going online to download a document — which could be a reason why Apple introduced a new Tips app in iOS 8 — but it’s hard to believe nobody noticed the new details in this user guide when it first went up.