Carve anything out of metal or wood with Carvey

The home creating space is increasingly moving from the garage to the desktop, and the latest evidence is Carvey, a CNC machine the size of a microwave that can carve pretty much anything you want out of wood, metal and other materials.

It’s a bit like 3D printing, where you start out with a design file on your computer. But instead of building an object from the bottom up, Carvey carves it out of a solid block of material.

An address plate made on a Carvey. Photo courtesy of Carvey.

An address plate made on a Carvey. Photo courtesy of Carvey.

The results are gorgeous–crisp metal numbers and wooden boxes, plus enough detail to make jewelry and other small items. It isn’t a tool for everyone, but artists and small business owners currently renting time on laser cutters and industrial-scale CNC machines might see the appeal.

Carvey is not the first desktop CNC, and it will not be the last. But it looks like the team behind it has a good grasp on the experience customers want. It no doubt has taken note of the struggles among startups and consumers in the 3D printer market, which has exploded at a much faster rate.

Backers can grab the machine for prices beginning at $2,000. The first units are scheduled to ship in September 2015.