CNN, Cartoon Network go dark on Dish as another fee dispute unfolds

Another week, another network blackout in the never-ending fight around carriage fees: Turner Broadcasting removed CNN, Cartoon Network, truTV, TCM and a handful of other networks from Dish late Monday as the two sides failed to reach an agreement about the carriage fees Dish has to pay Turner.

These conflicts are nothing new, and usually end with pay TV providers grudingly agreeing to pay more than they wanted, but [company]Dish[/company] has a unique agenda: The company plans to launch an internet-based TV service and has been acquiring rights to include channels from Disney and others as part of that service, which is likely going to be called Nutv.

Ahead of Nutv’s launch, Dish isn’t afraid to rely on other online services to make a point: On a website dedicated to the blackout, Dish is telling consumers where to get access to [company]Turner[/company] shows on sites like Hulu.

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