Cognitive Computing is about to change the world of the Internet of Things

Since their invention, computers have forced us to adapt to the way they work, within their predefined rules. Saffron’s mission is built on the belief that there can be a more natural human-machine collaboration where machines could learn about us, adapt and help us be more efficient and anticipate what to do next based on knowledge of “us”.

The idea that knowledge is created and immediately usable for sensemaking and decision support may not sound like a radical idea, but its implementation has been. The ability to do this for the Internet of Things requires real time, instant learning. At Saffron, we are well on our way to becoming the cognitive platform that every connected device can use to do just that; we call it the ‘Intelligence of Every Thing’.

Last week, we released Saffron 10, the latest version of Saffron’s Natural Intelligence Platform. With Saffron 10, information is organized around entities to create composite, enduring memories of people, places and things. As new data arrives, Saffron creates a real time adaptive model of “your” world as we instantly learn about every “thing” in your data, their frequency and closeness with every other “thing.” This freedom from pre-defined models is a requirement for optimizing value from the IoT.

Making every “thing” smart is just the first step. Businesses gain a competitive advantage by serving customers with smart devices designed for them, always learning and adapting to them, not the other way around, and promising a personalized, relevant and high-quality experience.