Amazon bolsters hybrid cloud case with AWS Directory Services

Amazon Web Services is huge among startups and is gaining credence in enterprises but faces challenges there from Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air and IBM SoftLayer with their enterprise IT pedigrees. So on Tuesday Amazon launched AWS Directory Services, which will bolster Amazon’s story for business customers that want or need a hybrid cloud story — e.g. they don’t run everything in a public cloud.

In an ideal world companies that run applications both on-premises and in the cloud could use one directory for user authentication and other purposes across both environments. AWS Directory services is a step in that direction because it allows a company to tie AWS resources into its existing on-premises directory or set up a new Samba-based directory in the cloud. More here from Forbes.

Offerings like this and an AWS portal that feels like home to VMware admins, should help Amazon woo risk-averse enterprise IT professionals.

AWS Directory Services forms a critical piece of Amazon’s enterprise strategy, said Gigaom Research Analyst MSV Janakiram. With it, he said, [company]Amazon[/company] “will slowly nibble away” at [company]Microsoft[/company] SharePoint / Office 365 market share with Zocalo and a future Azure Desktop as a Service with WorkSpaces.

“This forms the backbone of Amazon’s hybrid strategy,” he noted via email adding that it’s “an indication that AWS wants to be an IaaS, PaaS and SaaS company. Basically, a full-blown IT-as-a-Service shop.”

Stay tuned for more goodies for enterprise IT shops. AWS has a press event slated for Thursday morning and is just a month away from its annual AWS Re:invent conference.