Bitcasa nixes unlimited storage plan as it upgrades its infrastructure

Streaming storage startup Bitcasa has removed support for its “infinite drive” storage plan that allowed unlimited storage for $999. The company has also decreased its free storage plan from 20GB to 5GB. Bitcasa described the change in service as part of its storage infrastructure overhaul.

A Reddit user first noticed the change and posted a screenshot of Bitcasa’s updated terms. Users who signed up for an infinite drive now have to choose from either a Premium account ($10 a month or $99 a year for 1,000GB) or Pro account ($99 a month or $999 a year for 10,000GB).

If a person who signed up for an infinite drive used more storage than what the new plan presents, he or she’s going to have to pay for the difference.

In a Bitcasa blog post detailing the change, the company cited low demand as one of the reasons for removing the infinite drive and wrote “only 0.5 percent of our accounts require more than 1TB, and less than 0.1 percent require more than 10TB.” The company also singled out abusers of the plan who didn’t meet the company’s Acceptable Use policy.

From the blog post:

[blockquote person=”Bitcasa” attribution=”Bitcasa”]Also, the reality is while we have tried to make our vision of infinite work, the low demand combined with the growing number of suspected abusers, means that supporting an Infinite plan is not a viable business for us. Our Acceptable Use policy has been a challenge to enforce with our privacy features, as we can only see the amount of of data stored — which for some customers, is at a level that seems impossible for individual usage.[/blockquote]

The updated storage plan comes at a time when Bitcasa has been busy upgrading its storage infrastructure to make it faster to use and more stable and scalable. As part of the upgrade, users will need to download new Bitcasa apps and then migrate their old data to the new platform. They have until November 15, 2014 to do so or they will lose all of their data.

Earlier this summer, Bitcasa said that it is making sure its customers’ data is housed in the regions where they live, which should alleviate concern from users who don’t trust their data being in unfamiliar locations.

Post and thumbnail images courtesy of Shutterstock user alexmillos.