Infographic: A look at SMB cloud adoption in 2014

With almost 90 percent of businesses now reporting that they’ve adopted the cloud in some form, it’s clear that cloud computing has become a mainstream part of IT. This boom in adoption is due, in part, to the myriad of choices and cloud solutions IT departments have at their disposal today. The cloud used to be a one-size-fits-all prospect. Today it can be custom-tailored to specific business needs.

While the term “cloud” once meant “public cloud,” today it denotes a range of hybrid solutions—from cloud hosting to dedicated hardware that’s managed by a cloud provider. Businesses can choose to manage their cloud infrastructure in-house, or opt for a managed cloud and have their cloud provider shoulder the burden of day-to-day management.

This new infographic from Rackspace, which originally appeared at PCWorld, explores:

  • Major benefits small and midsize businesses report after adopting cloud
  • Which size companies are at the forefront of cloud adoption
  • Top workloads businesses are running in the cloud
  • Projected future growth in SMB cloud growth and spend

Check out the new infographic, Cloud Adoption Trends: The State of The Cloud in 2014, at the Rackspace blog.